Product Care

Product Care
Caring for your knife involves maintaining their sharpness and edge. 和 Nagomi Japan knives are sharp due to its harmonized balance of 440A molybdenum stainless steel and thin blade edge. Excessive force and misuse can lead to chipping or in extreme cases, breaking of the blade itself. Taking proper precautions with your knife will prolong its quality and decrease the need for repair or replacement.

和 Nagomi Japan knives have been designed for food preparation and cooking purposes only, and should therefore be used on cutting boards, handled safely, and not placed in extreme temperatures. Frozen foods or meats with dense bones should be avoided and cutting of larger foods should be done without direct contact of your skin (palm or fingers) to the spine of the blade. Please avoid using your knives if they have become broken or deformed and please be aware of where you place your fingers in relation to the edge of the blade. Inappropriate use or mishandling of the knives may result in damage to the knife in addition to severe injury.

Cleaning and Storing
Gently hand wash your knives after use, wipe, and dry well. If they are poorly cleaned, rusting or discoloration may occur. Do not use scouring pads or steel wool as these will damage the blades. Please note our knives are not dishwasher safe. Using a dishwasher may result in irreversible damage to your knife.

We recommend that you sharpen your knives at least 1-2 times a month to retain a long-lasting sharpness of their edge. The instructional video below demonstrates how you can sharpen your knife at home through the use of newspaper, sandpaper, and/or a whetstone.

Please note that only straight edged, non-serrated knives can be sharpened using our sandpaper or newspaper. Serrated knives, such as the Cake, Bread, and Cheese knives, can be sharpened using our Sharpening Service.

If you have received a sharpening service voucher please fill in your details and place it in your box with your knife and we will have our craftsman sharpen it for you at no cost.

Please click here for more details about our Sharpening Service and information on how to send us your knife.

If you continue to experience difficulty in sharpening your knives at home please contact us directly for assistance. Again, we do offer a sharpening service where we will have our craftsmen sharpen your knife in their workshops.