Nagomi Japan Water Resistant Sandpaper (5 sheets)

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The 400 grit Water Resistant Sandpaper can be used to re-sharpen your knives at home. Cut the sandpaper to about 23cm x 28cm (9" x 11") in size and follow the instructions in the video on the Product Care page.

Please note that only straight edged, non-serrated knives can be sharpened using this sandpaper. Serrated knives, such as the Cake, Bread, and Cheese knives, can be sharpened using our Sharpening Service.

Sandpaper is more effective than sharpening by newspaper and easier than using a whetstone. If you still experience difficulty in sharpening your knives we will be happy to have a professional craftsman sharpen them for you. 

If you have received a sharpening service voucher please fill in your details and place it in your box with your knife and we will have our craftsman sharpen it for you at no cost.

Please click here for more details about our Sharpening Service and information on how to send us your knife.