Our Knife Making Process

Who we are

And our mission

We are Mitsuboshi Cutlery Co., Ltd, based in Seki, Japan. Seki is home to a rare community of artisans who continue to employ traditional blade-making techniques just like their ancestors' generations ago. Mitsuboshi is dedicated to the production of the finest multi-functional cutlery for the home and workspace.

Modernizing an Ancient journey

of sword making

Our knife making process involves 5 meticulous steps in order to ensure a high-quality blade that will perform year after year. We partner with 5 different companies here in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, to help us make our knives. Each company plays a critical role in the creation of each knife and every craftsman is proud to carry on the ancient craft of swordmaking like their forefathers before them.

5 Steps in the life of

A nagomi knife

Nagomi knives are handcrafted instruments designed for comfort in a modern design. Only 20 knives can be made per day with a team of 7 highly skilled craftsmen to create each Nagomi knife. Nagomi knives are truly works of art and an accent in any kitchen.