Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Quality for Generations

With over 500 years of knife-making tradition, quality, durability and longevity has always been at the heart of what we do. As our mission to produce the finest multifunctional cutlery for home and professional chefs, we believe that a good product is one that you can spend your lifetime with.

Steel is currently one of the top three industries that produces the most carbon dioxide emissions*. In 2018, every ton of steel produced emitted on average 1.85 tonnes of carbon dioxide, in other words, 8% of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions*. Despite the environmental challenges our global community faces, we are committed to doing our part by focusing on sourcing the finest materials to create something that is as durable as possible and will last forever. Because the most environmentally conscious purchase, is one that isn’t made at all.


To pull our weight in reducing waste and steel production, Nagomi does not mass produce knives. We create handcrafted, intentional pieces in small batches that are meant to last and be passed down through generations. Our knife sharpening service also allows customers to send in their Nagomi knives to be sharpened by our professional craftsmen to extend the longevity of your knife.

As a continued part of our efforts to extend the lifecycle of our products, we will soon be offering past customers the opportunity to return their Nagomi piece and receive a credit in return for a future piece. New customers will be able to purchase pre-loved knives that are just as good as new, meaning that the same piece can be used over and over again. 

Our long-term approach is what drives Nagomi to create the finest pieces that can last a lifetime… and many lifetimes more.