Nagomi Japan Kitchen Shears

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The Nagomi Japan Kitchen Shears are a sturdy and stylish tool to add to your food preparation needs.

The blades and engineering of these shears have been derived from hairstyling and barber scissors' technology for smooth detailing and precise cuts of fine ingredients. The combination of professionals from these industries and knife making artisans have produced an easy to use instrument for any kitchen, for multiple food preparation uses.

The shears open widely with each blade offering long sharp edges for cutting in one fluid movement. Using just a coin, they can also be easily disassembled for cleaning. Although made from stainless steel, dust, food particles and moisture may accumulate and cause rust where the blades meet. Cleaning with a gentle sponge is recommended from time to time. To avoid any damage to the blades, these shears should not be used to cut extremely hard materials nor placed in extreme temperatures.

Product Details

Made from hot forged stainless steel with a mirror and satin finish
Blades have a single-edged serration

Length: 190mm
Blades extend up to 80mm
Handle length: Approx. 130mm
Total thickness: 6.5mm
Single blade thickness: 3.2mm
Weight: Approx. 133g