Nagomi Japan Dining Scissors and Tweezers

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The Nagomi Japan Dining Scissors and Tweezers assist those who may need extra help during meals. 

Whether it is for young children or for those who may struggle with a unique condition or injury, these food scissors and culinary tweezers make it easier to enjoy any dish. The tweezers can be used for plating as well as to hold food in place for cutting into smaller portions.

The scissors' handle and tweezers have been rounded for comfort and grip. They come in a discreet, stylish portable case to bring to any dining table and to quickly store and put away. Cleaning after use is recommended and the inner case is also dishwasher safe.

The Nagomi Japan Dining Scissors and Tweezers is particularly popular in Japan amongst the elderly, mothers with toddlers, and those with disabilities or special needs.

Product Details

Dining Scissors
Made from cold forged stainless steel with a mirror and satin finish
Blades have a single-edged serration

Length: 120mm
Blades extend up to 55mm
Total thickness: 6mm
Single blade thickness: 3mm
Weight: Approx. 43g

Dining Tweezers
Stainless steel with a mirror finish

Length: 125mm
Blades extend up to 55mm
Total thickness: 1mm