Nagomi Japan PROFESSIONAL Utility Knife

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As an upgraded version of the Nagomi Japan Utility Knife, the PROFESSIONAL Utility Knife is crafted from a rare specialty stainless steel. Sourcing this "secret" material took more than a year of discovery and research, and the composition of the steel is yet to be publicly disclosed. Michelin Chefs worldwide have attested this beautiful knife and its blade to be impeccably sharp, well balanced, and easy to sharpen.

The Nagomi Japan PROFESSIONAL Utility Knife is a handy and small all purpose kitchen knife designed to flexibly round the edges of various foods and effectively peel or remove parts intricately. A must-have useful tool for quick cooking tasks and plating.

Product Details
Blade quality: CATRA ISO 8442-5:2004 test results of "Excellent" Initial Cutting Performance (ICP) and "Very Good" Edge Retention (CER), HRC hardness: 60
Handle material: Stainless steel inlaid on laminated reinforced wood (black) from Spain
Length: 223mm
Blade length: 120mm
Handle length: Approx. 95mm
Thickness: 2.2mm
Weight: Approx. 85g

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